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4 Reasons To Join The US Military

Whether you are fresh out of school or are simply making a career change, the military could be the perfect choice for you.

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If the idea of signing up has always appealed to you but are on the fence about whether the military is for you, then you are in the right place. There are so many incredible benefits that come with a military career, but far too few people know about them.

If you are unsure as to whether a military career is for you and need a little persuading, these four reasons to sign up, should help.

  1. You will never be out of a job

There is a real job shortage in the US, with thousands of people constantly struggling to find work. Jobs aren’t easy to come by, and even when you find one, there is still that risk that you will lose it.

However, if you choose to sign up to the military, you will never be out of work. As long as there are disasters and unrest in the world, there will always be a place for the military. So your job is pretty much, guaranteed for life.

  1. It’s financially worthwhile

Okay, so everyone knows that military men and women don’t earn the big bucks – $15,000 to $28,000 is the average. But, although a military career might not pay well, there are other financial bonuses available.

Service personnel get free healthcare, dental care and discounted military apartments and houses. Plus, as a member of the military, you will also be entitled to discounts at restaurants, bars, and attractions.

  1. Opportunities for promotion

In the military, there are many opportunities to move up the ranks. And with these opportunities, come increased pay, as well as many other benefits.

As you gain experience, you can slowly move up the ranks, and can even specialize in a certain area if you wish. Just like any job, a military career comes with a wide range of career advancement opportunities.

  1.  It’s exciting

Instead of spending each day cooped up in an office, as a military man or women your career is exciting. You will spend your time keeping fit, bonding with members of your unit, and traveling to new destinations.

As a military man or women, you won’t know where you are going from one day to the next. Your life will be exciting, as you will never know what will happen. No two days in the military are the same, every day you will be doing something different.

There are so many fantastic benefits that come hand in hand with a military career, that it is definitely worth considering. From financial bonuses to the chance to travel to new places, a career in the military has a lot to offer.

However, while a military career has many bonuses, making the decision to sign up should be well throughout. A military career is lifelong, so it’s important to be sure about your choice before you make the decision to enlist.


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