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The US is going though a period of one of the highest unemployment rates in the history. Factory jobs are gone to China, service and IT jobs have gone to India. The Indian companies who are outsourcing bring their own employees on H1 thus taking jobs away from US citizens.

With all these in mind, if you are a US citizen how to get a job. Here are some tips:-

  • Most of the government across the USA needs employees who are US citizens.
  • Some of the sectors include US Federal government, US Army, Air Force, Navy, Veterans Administration, etc.
  • Most of the State governments, County, Police also look for employees who are citizens.
  • There are also a large number of jobs with Prime contractors to government like CSC, Lockheed Martin, KBR, Boeing, etc.
  • Most of the jobs are located where the government functions like Washington D.C. area, Northern Virginia, San Diego, Alaska, Florida, Maryland, etc.
  • You can also get jobs outside the US for US bases across the world and places like Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq where US has its troops.
  • Most of the jobs outside the USA pays a good salary along with excellent living expenses. Remember that if you work outside the US for a certain number of days, you can qualify for Tax Exempt status meaning you do not pay Federal Income Tax.
  • Most of the jobs require some kind of background checking, drug testing. So be prepared for this before you apply for any job with government agencies.


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