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Jobs That Aren’t As Dangerous As You Think

There are a few great jobs out there that people are way too scared to take. Media depictions, including in television shows, films, and the news, often make like out to be much more dangerous than it actually is. Here are some examples of lines of work that are nowhere near as deadly or dangerous as you might believe.


A lot of the fear surrounding the idea of being a pilot stems from a fear of flying. As someone who has had trouble with a fear of flying, it seems amazing to me that planes can get so high and stay so high and still be safe. Even though I understand how a plane works and understand the aerodynamics and physics of it all, it still seems ridiculous to me. That’s what a phobia is: it’s something that ignores rational thought and instills a fear in you regardless.


So, as you’ve probably heard and as I’ve been trying to hint: flying isn’t really that dangerous. Planes are among the most complex and safest machines we have ever invented. A pilot isn’t up there constantly sweating and fighting against the elements. Gravity isn’t some evil thing that is constantly requiring tough defeats. Remind yourself how rare plane accidents are compared to other forms of transport.

Police officer

Guns! Explosions! Violent resisting of arrest! Assassination! All of these make great plot points and twists in your favourite police drama. But police officers really aren’t in danger as often as you may think. Most people aren’t violent – and that includes criminals. Even violent criminals are pretty reluctant to attack a police officer. Do you know what the penalty is for assaulting a police officer? It’s a very effective deterrent!



You do, of course, also have ample protection should something go wrong. There’s obviously a department-issued handgun for officers in the United States. Any decent, level-headed police officer will want to – and will – avoid using a gun as much as possible, keeping it safely in its holster. You have other means of protection, however – it doesn’t have to be lethal to be effective! Items like the ASP baton are provided to ensure that you have the protection you need on the streets.


There’s no way this isn’t a dangerous career, right? Well, of course it is. This job involves you doing exactly what it says on the tin. You’re fighting fire. Fire is a voracious, unfeeling, dazzling force of nature that has astonishing destructive capabilities. And you’re just a human!


But firefighters come incredibly well-equipped. The aim with all that equipment is to basically turn you into a fire-resistant machine that can still move around like a flexible human being. Fireproof clothing and rock-solid helmets protect you from the lick of the flames. And those firehoses? However powerful you think they are, they’re even more powerful than that. You should also consider the fact that the vast majority of the fires a firefighter will deal with aren’t towering infernos. They’re dangerous but relatively small-scale. The fact is that firefighting isn’t considered that deadly a job. You’re more likely to die or suffer injury being a taxi driver, a fisher, or even a sports coach.


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