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Recognize Top Employees with Custom Meta Medallions

It is often said that good employees are irreplaceable. Perhaps this is why we as employers – we go to such great lengths – to reward great work.

Indeed, there are occasions where nothing but the deepest show of gratitude will do. Times like this call for something special – a custom engraved medallion. In other words, some jobs deserve more than a mere pat on the back or a reserved spot in front of the office.


Recognizing Top Employees

While compensation and benefits are certainly important when it comes to retaining top talent, recognizing great work can be every bit as critical when it comes to maintaining good employee retention. In fact, some HR professionals would say that this is actually the most useful tool in the retention tool box. As such, it only makes sense that holding on to your best employees should develop a systematic process to ensure that good deeds don’t go unrewarded.

In addition to helping retain your best talent, employee recognition also builds and strengthens company moral. And what better way to do this than with a personalized medal, engraved with the company logo and your employee’s name?

You can also include additional details on the medallion such as the number of years employed with you, etc. But whichever you choose to do, the important thing is that your employees know that you value their service and an engraved medal is the perfect way to do so.

Employee Challenges and Contests

It’s great when you can reward good work, but when you can combine team recognition with fun and camaraderie, it’s all the better! And of course, an employee competition also happens to be the perfect venue to award medallions to the top performers.

Popular workplace competitive event games include ping pong, volleyball, bean bag toss, Pictionary, and the like. The idea is to offer an excellent mix of team building and competitive activities, as together the two categories serve to foster a sense of togetherness. Similar to strong performance in the office, good showings in these competitive contests also deserve custom medals.

And remember, you don’t have to limit awards to the winners. You can also offer general participation awards. Employees love it because it shows that not only does your company value performance but it also indicates that you value the contributions of every employee.

Personal Milestones

In addition to recognizing employee performance on the field or in the workplace, you can also acknowledge your personnel for achieving personal milestones. Achievements that could fall under this category could be anything from school related items and weight loss to family accomplishments and more. Recognizing these types of milestones shows your employees that you care.

Whether it’s pounds lost, miles ran, or pints of blood donated, a premium medallion commemorating the achievement makes a fantastic present. It acknowledges the type of sacrifice that’s required to meet an objective while encouraging everyone to reach just a tad further to reach the next milestone.

Premium, custom medallions are the perfect representation of employee recognition. So if you’re looking to send a message that says you appreciate your employees get a personalized medal today!


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