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The Dos And Don’ts Of Getting A Pay Rise At Work

There aren’t many more taboo subjects than asking for a pay rise at work. In your head, your boss will shout and ridicule you and reduce you to tears. The truth is that most conversations that regard a pay rise don’t pan out in that manner. True, they aren’t usually unsuccessful. But, that is because employees don’t know what to do or say. They are so consumed by not looking pushy that they forget to cover the essential topics. Presuming that you don’t want to make the same mistakes, here are the topics you need to address.

Do Talk About Why It Is In The Business’s Interest

The best way to convince your company to increase your pay is to show them how they will benefit. Although they want you to be happy, they are more concerned about making money. And, they can make money from your wage increase. A clever person focuses on how they can increase their workload if they have more incentive. That will make them more productive and efficient, and it will reflect the end of year profits. This is the type of talk they want to hear, not that you deserve a pay rise because of your dedication.


Don’t Ask For Too Much

Your conversation won’t get far if you start off with astronomical figures. Remember that they don’t want to give you an increase in pay in the first place. That feeling is more intense when you want a twenty or thirty percent bump. Your demands need to be in line with their pay structure while reflecting current conditions. A five percent bump so that your wage is in line with inflation is a good starting point. Five percent doesn’t seem much to you or them, but it makes a lot of difference over the course of a year.

Do Demonstrate Value

If you aren’t integral to the company, they won’t arrange a meeting. People that get ideas above their station are a nuisance and easily replaced. You can avoid becoming one these people by improving your skills. Thanks to https://www.trainingconnection.com, you can take extra courses from admin to web design. A staff member that works hard to improve themselves for the sake of the company is one that they will want to keep. And, if you are in demand, you have more leverage when it comes to your wage packet.

Don’t Forget To Haggle

Don’t accept the first offer when the negotiations begin. Lots of people are that shocked that it worked that they jump at the first opportunity. Your employer is counting on your excitement to save them money. It is important to remember that they put their interest first before yours. So, if you aren’t responsible, you will end up with a lower amount. The key to haggling is to keep your cards close to your chest. Say you will think about it and get back to them regardless of the offer. For more tips, take a look at www.ricksteves.com.

If you think you deserve a pay rise, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask. At the least, they can say no and you now where you stand. At the most, you could gain a significant amount of money.


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