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Thinking About Working In Government? You Need All The Facts

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Are you interested in working in government? We know it’s an attractive possibility because it means you would be part of the system that changes and shapes how the country is run. You’ll have a lot of power and the real possibility of making a difference in people’s lives. These are certainly some of the benefits. But what about the negatives. Well, any change that you do make is going to take quite a lot of time. As well as that there are multiple layers of bureaucracy you’ll have to fight your way thorough. But it still might be worth it. To find out, you need to know all the facts. So join as we look at the advantages and disadvantages of working for the US government.

Advantage: There Are Lots Of Different Sections

There are tons of different sections of the US government. Whether you want to go into an office. Or, you would rather work on the streets, helping people where they need it. The choice is yours and with these different roles, different skills are needed. That means you might think that you wouldn’t fit a role in government. But it’s not true. You might not fit one role, but you could be perfect for another. It’s true that not everyone can deal with the bureaucracy built into the dealing so US government. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t join the institution that’s helping your country be a better place to live.

Disadvantage: It Can Be Boring

Of course with an advantage comes another disadvantage. Some of the work that you’ll be completing is going to be quite boring. It’s true that there’s a lot of days you’ll spend filing paperwork or writing up documents. But this is true in any job that you can think of. Even air pilots will at some point spend a day or two filing documents. There is order and organization present in every business, and that’s the boring part of the job. But it doesn’t mean that the other parts don’t make it worth it.

Advantage: Plenty Of Opportunities


Right now there are over five hundred thousand people employed in federal government. By 2016, ⅓ of those roles will be filled by other people. There are constantly shake-ups in government to keep people fresh, and you could be a new member. All you need to do is apply for the job, and you’ll have a shot at being part of the process of shaping your country. It’s certainly worth at least filing an application to see what sort of role could be available to you. You can apply online at  https://www.usajobs.gov/.

Disadvantage: The Spotlight

As a member of the federal government, you will be scrutinized more than in a typical position. The reason for this is obvious. As a member of the government, you are held to a higher standard than other people. You need to make sure your record is squeaky clean. This includes what you may or may not say online. A lot of people believe, falsely they have carte blanche online. You can say whatever you like because you’re virtually anonymous. But this isn’t the case, and it certainly won’t be as a member of the government. This is something you will have to understand and take on board. At the same time, though, to a certain extent, it’s true for any employee. You have to be careful what you say and do. Particularly, if your actions reflect badly on the business that you work for.

Advantage: No Limits

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Do you remember being told in preschool that anyone could be president? Or, your parents telling you that one day you’ll be president of the United States of America. Well, now you know that is similar to parents telling their child they are more special than anyone else. It’s not quite true. Not everyone has the possibility of becoming president. But working in government will certainly boost your chances. You’ll be able to climb on of the biggest ladder in the world. At the top of the ladder, the white house is waiting for you. Now, you might never get that far up. But you could certainly reach a position of power and authority. Have a look at some of the different branches of government on https://www.usa.gov/branches-of-government.

Disadvantage: Who’s The Boss?

A big problem in government is that the answer to this question isn’t always clear. There are constant changes in leadership. It can make you feel as though the whole US government is continuously being pushed into a revolving door. Each time, someone else comes on top. When this happens, the agenda that you should follow isn’t always clear, unfortunately. This is one thing you won’t often see in the private sector. In the private sector, your boss is your boss.

Advantage: Greater Legal Protection

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There are numerous issues that can affect the typical working employee. This can include cases of discrimination, prejudice, and unfair dismissal. Unfortunately workers in the private sector don’t have a strong defense for this type of behavior. In many cases, they will lose their job, and unless the can afford a lawyer, they won’t be compensated. In government, it’s different. Employees have a better protection. You can read about that on a site such as http://www.dcemploymentattorney.com/Federal-Government-Workers/Federal-Employment-Discipline-Removal.shtml. It’s a big benefit of working in the public sector that can’t be ignored.

Disadvantage: The Pay

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It’s unfair to name the pay as a disadvantage because it could be seen as both. While you might think that there pay level in government is small, you’re only half right. Pay level in government is small if you’re at the bottom of the food chain. But that’s true for any job. If you rise the ranks, you can earn as much as one hundred and twenty thousand each year. That easily rivals most pay grades in a lot of private sector positions.

Advantage: Make A Difference

Finally, if you want to make your mark on the world and the country, there’s no better way. Working in government, you’ll work every day to ensure things are better for the people of your country and your state. Many people feel disheartened when they realize how little impact their work has on the world. But that’s not true in government. Every day you’ll know you’re making a huge difference.


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