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Which Career Offers The Best Prospects: Army, Navy, or Air Force?

Opting to start a career in the military could be the best thing you ever do. There are so many advantages that it would be impossible to list them all here today. However, selecting the right job could be difficult. It all comes down to what you hope to get out of the experience. There is no getting away from the fact that some roles are more dangerous than others. Unfortunately, the level of pay you receive does not always reflect that. People who are on the front line tend to get extra payments for their efforts, but their standard earnings can be quite low. With that in mind, we’ve found out about the different prospects you can expect to encounter in the top three military divisions. Hopefully, reading the information on this page should help to make it easier for you to select the right job.

Working in the Army…

The Army is one of the most dangerous divisions of the military. That is because there is a high likelihood you could become involved with hand to hand combat at some point during your career. Technology has decreased the risk faced by people who select that employment solution, but there is still a good chance you could suffer an injury. Depending on which role you select within the Army, your pay will vary accordingly. Everything from front-line defense to health care administration jobs are on offer. You just need to find something that suits your interests and personal preferences. Presuming you want to see the world and help deal with threats of terrorism, you should join the infantry for at least a couple of years before moving up the ladder.

Working in the Navy…

The US currently operates one of the strongest naval forces in the world. They have ships stationed all over the globe ready to launch attacks at a moment’s notice. Working for the Navy will almost certainly mean you have to spend a long time away from your family. Some ships are out at sea for more than six months at any one time, and there is no way of getting home if there is an emergency. Thankfully, you can buy a home in a military community to ensure your loved ones have good support. You can click here to learn about the many benefits of placing your family in such a community. People who work for the Navy tend to earn better wages than those employed by the army. That is because more skills are required, and so you have to undergo lots more training.
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Working in the Air Force…

Those who manage to find work in the Air Force tend to have more flexibility when it comes to taking time off. The bulk of air force personnel will only spend a couple of months away from home each year. That is because they have to undergo constant training, and most of the work happens on military bases. Unless you opt to become a pilot, you shouldn’t have too much trouble handling your family life. Out of all the armed forces in which you could find work, the Air Force offered the best wages. Indeed, many people who work in that division manage to retire with lots of cash by the age of forty. Not bad is it?

As you can see from that information, each different military institution offers different benefits. You now need to decide which is most suitable given your personal situation and interests. Those who want the best wages should opt for the Air Force. Anyone who wants to see the world should consider the other two.


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