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Why It’s So Hard To Fill Sales Jobs In NYC

The first thing that we can notice when looking at sales jobs in NYC is that the pay is really good, over 2 times more than the medium salary in USA. Even so, the job positions present in the city seem to always be open. We are looking at a really competitive hiring market but sales jobs are still really hard to fill. Based on information offered by sales executive recruiters in NYC, there are many reasons why the vacancies appear. We will just highlight some that are really important.

A New Generation Of Workers

A large part of the difficulty in filling sales jobs in NYC is associated to the demand for younger workers. This generation went through the recession and the financial crisis. This means that risk is better understood and younger workers do not really want to work in an environment that has success revolve around specific numbers.

It is difficult to sell many products, especially scientific and technical ones. We no longer have star salesmen with the workforce being structured into sales teams. A lower ranked member would develop the early interests and identify the prospects. Another person would go through demos or specs and we also have the field reps that are closing deals and are in charge of negotiations.

Employers Do Not Understand The New Generation

This is a huge part of the reason why it is so hard to fill sales jobs in NYC. While the entire industry is evolving, most of the business owners do not realize the fact that they need to offers a new employment plan and they have to look for a younger sales force. The modern focus should not be put on the compensation packages and the competitive environment that would be created since these are seen as turn offs for the modern sales force. Nowadays, people want to receive a stable pay and want to be team members.

It should be added that the modern sales rep wants to have a career path that is clear. Besides this, there is a wish to find support to help the seller to climb the career ladder.

Lack Of Job Role Awareness

This is something that can be changed but that falls within the responsibility of the company offering the sales position. Most young people do not know much about sales. They have misconceptions that should be addressed. For instance, many of those that would be qualified and could be highly talented sales reps believe that sales is a field in which people are being taken advantage of. That is incorrect and it is the employer that has to showcase this thing. Interest for many of the talented sellers is increased when there is an emphasis that is put on career progression and training.

As you can see, there is a mix in responsibility that appears in the sense that sales jobs are hard to fill because of a lack of information that appears for both the employer and the potential employees.


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