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Work Safety: Dangerous Hazards You Need To Watch Out For

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Your employers have a right to ensure that you remain safe in the workplace. However, there are things you can do as an employee to make sure you don’t get injured. This requires an extensive knowledge of the correct health and safety procedures in the workplace. As long as we all take health and safety seriously, employers and employees can work together to create a risk-free work zone.

Health and safety is extensive and requires a lot of care on the part of the employer. That said, here are some of the most common and dangerous hazards you need to be careful of as an employee while you’re at work.


With all the best intentions in the world, spillages can still be missed by employers. If you come across a spillage at work, don’t just walk past it and be glad you didn’t slip. Inform the relevant person straight away. They’ll need to mop up the damage, and also identify where the spillage has come from. Spillages can arise at any moment for many different reasons. You might just be the first person to spot it.

Trip Hazards

Trip hazards make their way into the workplace because of human error. Placing a cable across an area where people are going to be walking is an obvious cause of a trip hazard. It can also be related to placing unsuitable objects to hold doors open, or putting other items in the walkway. The best thing you can do about this is to be clever about how you go about your work. Don’t be tempted to clutter your workspace and potentially cause a trip hazard.

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Electrical Issues

I used to work for a company that had all sorts of electrical equipment around the place. Unfortunately, a quick inspection of some of the cables showed that they hadn’t been safety tested in a long time. Inspect the electrical equipment that you’re using. If you think the wires are showing inappropriately, or it’s dangerous for any reason, inform someone right away. The same goes for spotting anyone else’s equipment that might seem like a disaster waiting to happen.

Driver Incidents

If you spend most of your time on the road, you need to be careful like any other driver. Because you’re spending so much time out there, you arguably need to take even more precautions than usual. Don’t be tempted to answer calls while you’re behind the wheel. If you feel excessively tired, pull over and inform someone that you don’t feel capable of doing your job. If you do get into an accident, let your bosses know what has happened. They can assist with medical help, and use websites like http://clementslaw.com/practice-areas/truck-accident-lawyer-in-dallas to get compensation.

Chemical Hazards

It should go without saying that if you’re using chemicals in your everyday work, you need to be extremely careful. Your employers should provide you with all the necessary safety equipment to do your job properly. This includes adequate training as well! If you don’t feel comfortable with what you’ve been asked to do at any point, inform your management. Make sure you’re disposing of any chemicals in the proper fashion as instructed.

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All sorts of things can cause a fire in the workplace. It all depends on the type of work you’re doing and how you go about it. If you notice anything that might cause a fire, it obviously needs to be identified immediately. If the worst should happen and a fire engulfs the workplace, you need to know the safety procedures to get out the building. Take a minute now to think about this. If a fire was to break out tomorrow, would you know what to do? Is it ingrained in your mind of where you need to exit? If it isn’t, you need to find out quickly.

Lack Of First-Aid Knowledge

This is something that you don’t necessarily need to watch out for, but you need to be aware of it. Not long ago, I visited a company in which most of the employees didn’t know where the first aid supplies were kept. If someone had suffered a serious injury that required immediate attention, what would they have done? Everyone must know how to obtain first aid quickly in an emergency. It’s also important that employees can administer first aid if necessary. If your company offers training related to this, it’s always a good idea to go for it.

Dangerous Equipment

We all use different types of equipment at work, from laptops to heavy machinery. All of it has a potential to become dangerous for all sorts of reasons. It might be old, overworked or simply not fit for purpose. If you notice any warning signs from the equipment you’re using, don’t be tempted to leave them until they get worse. Identify what’s wrong and inform your management right away. They’d rather replace it than have to deal with a more serious incident later on.

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Repetitive Strain Injuries

Here’s the thing about repetitive strain injuries: no one thinks they’re dangerous. They creep up over time, and the effects are never instant. They’re long-lasting, though, and they can affect your life, particularly as you get older. That means they’re dangerous in their own way, and you want to combat against them. We often suffer from RSI when using computers for an extensively long amount of time. If you’re feeling a strain, there are equipment reccomendations at http://www.rsipain.com/equipment.php.

Hearing Damage

Not every workplace is affected by excessive noise, but there many out there that are. If your work requires using lots of noisy equipment, you need to protect your ears in the proper fashion. This is often done by using ear plugs or headphones. As long as your employers provide you with the right equipment, you don’t need to worry. If you’re concerned that your hearing is being affected, let them know.

Those are just ten things that you need to watch out for at work, but there are much more! By being proactive and aware of potential hazards, you should be able to make the workplace safer for everyone.


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